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About Us

Creation of Mobilists Ry
Mobilistit Ry s idea is to save and restore classic vehicles. The idea of creating the association started to come together when Lasse ”Scrapp” Wigren, when visiting various countries, was confronted to the treatment of old classic cars. The cars were scrapped with no regard for using the parts for restoring and keeping the existing ones going. At the same time there started to be an ever growing market for parts for the cars usually run as a big business.
This was starting to be every day behaviour in most large countries and the mobilists were forced to pay large sums of money to keep their fleet and passion going. After the idea had matured over multiple years the Mobilistit Ry was created.

The Goal
Mobilistit Ry is a non profit targeting association that is meant for all mobilists regardless of their physical location. Both Companies and private individuals like. Who doesn't enjoy seeing a classic car being used on public roads?
The association tries to be the link between the mobilists all over the world and help them keep their passion going and vehicles running. All the parts received and recovered will be supplied to the members in preference and then to anyone who wants them.
The activities will be global and the goal is to grow to the largest Mobilist association firstly in Scandinavia, Central Europe and England with expansion to the rest of the world.